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McLean Hospital United

Are you a unionized employee at McLean? You have a right to union representation for disciplinary meetings:

Unions give workers a voice in their salary, benefits, and working conditions. Without a union (in any workplace), an employer has the power to make unilateral decisions at their employees' expense. A union rebalances the inherent power dynamic between employer and employee, which is amplified due to the prestige and influence the McLean name carries.

The union is us. 


Unions are organized by employees, made up of employees, and represent the interests of all employees in the bargaining unit. AFSCME provides legal and administrative support during the contract negotiations process, and as needed after the union is formed, but they work for us. Research Assistants across labs, and nurses, nurse practitioners, Mental Health Specialists, and Community Residence Counselors across the inpatient units and residential programs, have a shared passion for the work we do and a shared recognition of the value we provide to McLean’s clinical and research programs. We have similar grievances, such as the low pay, decreasing benefits, and experiences unique to the specific work we do. A union is essential to protecting the parts of each our jobs that we like, and advocating for the changes we, our patients, and our research need.

Questions? Naturally!

How can a union help the clinical staff?

What is the format of union negotiations?

How do the bargaining representatives know what employees want?

Have you felt that a supervisor, administrator, or HR rep has retaliated against you or begun treating you differently since engaging in union activity? Let us know about it. McLean may be committing unfair labor practices, which should be reported to the National Labor Relations Board.

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