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Filling Out Your Ballot

Fill out your ballot properly to ensure your vote is counted and not challenged:

  1. Mark an "X" in the square under "Yes" to vote in favor of unionizing!

  2. Put the ballot in the blue envelope and seal it

  3. Put the blue envelope in the yellow return envelope and seal it

  4. Sign (don't print!) your name on the back of the yellow envelope under where it says "Identification Stub"

  5. Mail the ballot ASAP at your nearest Post Office or USPS collection box

  6. Let your coworkers know you voted and encourage them to do the same!

Your ballot must be received at the NLRB Field Office in Boston by June 7. To be extra safe, make sure to put your ballot in the mail no later than Monday, 5/31, to give it enough time to arrive.

Didn't Receive Your Ballot?

Ballots were mailed out on Monday, May 17th from the NLRB field office in Boston. If you haven't received your ballot yet, you should request a new one ASAP by one of the following methods:

  • Contact Field Examiner Essie Ablavsky via phone (202-273-3961) or email (

  • Call the Region 01 Office at 617-565-6700

  • Call the NLRB national toll-free line at 1-844-762-6572


If you don't receive your ballot by 5/24, request a new one immediately to ensure your vote gets counted.

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