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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions for our members to refer to if they have a question that they think has been asked before! If your question is not answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to your union leadership or steward, or pose it at the next membership meeting!

I've heard about "Ask My HR" before. How is this tool meant to be used?

Ask My HR is a tool that you can use to look up McLean policies, benefits, and any other company information. If you have a question that pertains to McLean policy, this is where you can start!

How does PTO work?

Here is a website where you can find information on MGB PTO policies. It provides the new accrual schedule with detailed explanations as well as a calculation tool for seeing how much PTO you will have by end of year. There are a few additional things to note:

In 2024, McLean is switching from separate banks of holiday, vacation, and sick time, to one full bank of PTO. There are a few important things to keep in mind for RAs.

  • Your accrual time will likely increase. If you’re an RA with 3 weeks of vacation a year, and have been working at McLean for less than 3 years, your accrual time will go from 2.31 hours/week to 4.63 hours/week. This means you can use more PTO sooner.

  • PTO now counts for all time off. If you take sick time, you’re pulling from PTO. If you take vacation time, you’re pulling from PTO. This also means that holiday time is taken from your PTO bank. This is done automatically, but if you’re planning for vacation, make sure you know how many holidays exist between the time you plan and the time you’re taking off, in order to account for that difference!

  • All time in your banks at the end of 2023 will be converted to the shared PTO bank. Make sure this is accurate!

  • McLean will no longer have discretionary / personal days. As they count as holidays, they won’t convert to PTO. So use them while you can!

Do I get additional benefits just by being an AFSCME Member?

Yes! All AFSCME members get access to additional benefits, such as scholarships, discounted insurance, and deals on car rentals, vacations, theme parks, movie tickets, and more! Check out all the benefits you have access to here.

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